White and grey. Two worlds. Both perfect. For interior designers all over the world, white is a symbol of perfection, of purity, of clarity, while grey is the epitome of elegance and the perfect colour for stylish living spaces.

For SieMatic, white and grey are two poles with the highest design reference, equal colour settings of the utmost fascination and variability for kitchen and living room design. In combination with the SieMatic colour system and range of materials, they permit stylistically very different overall compositions and harmonise perfectly with the neutral elements of our SieMatic interior fittings.

In their elegance, white and grey are simply perfect.


White is the colour of purity and perfection.

It is the most beautiful colour of all, according to American star architect Richard Meier. White is reminiscent of new beginnings, but also makes us think of elegance and serenity. Like a white canvas it gives us the freedom to start afresh.

In its puristic neutrality, white is not only the perfect candidate for suspense-laden contrasts. With its formal clarity, it can just as convincingly enter into a harmonious symbiosis with the cool aesthetics and timeless quality of sophisticated grey.

Kitchens finished in white are universal, impeccable and timeless. White stands for purism and elegance, but at the same time white is inviting and positive. Particularly when combined with sophisticated grey, white kitchens look luxurious and forceful.


Grey is the colour of intellect, of knowledge and wisdom.

For Odilon Redon, one of the major pioneers of classical modernism, mystic dark grey is actually the soul of the colour spectrum. Without grey, creative expression would lack depth, calm and clarity.

In the luxurious ambience of a stylish kitchen, where open grey cabinets form a harmonious whole in a perfect fusion of interior and exterior, this is particularly conspicuous.

A kitchen finished in elegant dark grey is timeless, suits all tastes and yet is extremely versatile, leading to exclusive designs which acquire their unique character through the choice of colour accents and materials.

Luxurious interior designs,
in perfect combination.

With Grey.

And white.

Award-winning: SieMatic interior fittings.

In their puristic elegance, grey and white allow the aesthetic and functional benefits of the carcase to take centre stage. Inside, the multiple design award-winning and highly flexible MultiMatic system translates the exclusive interior design philosophy of the exclusive aluminium kitchen fittings for drawers and pull-outs to tall, wall and base cabinets with unfailing consistency.

The stylish patented SieMatic multi-function tracking system is optionally available in dark grey, white or aluminium-coloured. While integral to the carcase of SieMatic cabinets, it is also available for the doors.

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